LED TikTok Lights – Everything You Need To Know

First off — what are TikTok lights? TikTok lights are real lights that you can buy that can enhance what you are doing on TikTok. Of course, the TikTok app has many lighting effects that are already in-built. But if you want an even greater effect that can’t be done just within the app, you can buy lights fairly cheaply that will allow you to do things that most can’t.

We recommend the following lights if you’re interested in getting started (this is NOT an affiliate link):


These are fairly cheap, coming in at only $37.99 for 10 meters at the time of writing, and are easy to install. How you use them in your TikTok videos is up to you.

Note that while I am recommending the Dream Color LED Strip Lights above, almost any brand of LED strip lights will do for TikTok videos – you don’t want to get anything overly-fancy. There are plenty of them on Amazon.

Should you use TikTok lights?

Recently the hashtags #Lights and #LEDLights are becoming extremely popular on TikTok, and you can gain more attention if you try them. So yes… if you want to, do it!

TikTok lights reviews

This product review website should be reviewing the most popular TikTok lights shortly.